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Hillsong Kids BiG Curriculum Streaming Subscription

Hillsong Kids BiG Curriculum Streaming Subscription allows you to access ALL of the Hillsong Kids BiG Curriculum’s past, present and future for only USD $50/month! It’s where you can find all of the multimedia, print material, music and so much more in one easy to find place.

The Hillsong Kids Streaming Subscription also incorporates an interactive element including online community support and access to 3 Hillsong Kids Training webinars a year.

Hillsong Kids BiG is created by kids pastors from a Church that now spans the globe, with campuses of many different sizes, working hard to make sure BiG works for you, whether you have 2 or 2,000 children in your programs. Our unique approach is focused on outcomes. We want Church to impact kids Mondays, not just their Sundays.

Our comprehensive small group material is brilliant to help your team have meaningful input with your kids. If your small group time lasts for 5 minutes or 30 minutes our resources stretch to make sure that time isn’t wasted.

Which leads us to the goldmine that is the large group time. Praise & Worship music, fun theme songs, quizzes, preaching segments and our Big Message video guaranteed to get your kids laughing, because if children are having fun, they’re learning!

What’s Included in a BiG Curriculum:

  • Big Message (Exploring the Big Point)
  • Big Message Live (Teaching about the Big Point)
  • Big Story (Bible story about the Big Point)
  • Preaching Guide (Ideas for teaching children the Big Point)
  • KDG Guide (Questions to ask kids, games to play)
  • Activity Sheets (Questions and activities reinforcing Big Point)
  • Worship Music and backing tracks
  • Additional videos (Pre-roll and tidy up song)

Requirements for Using the Hillsong Kids BiG Curriculum License:

  • Wifi: All content is streamed and downloads are not available
  • Computer with Internet software: Works with all different Internet browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Explorer…)

The Big Curriculum License allows for up to 3 devices to use the content. If you use more than 3 devices please send an email to and we will set you up with as many additional licenses as you need for a small fee.

Please note:

  • This is a minimum of 12 months contract - penalties apply for early cancellation. 
  • This is a streaming, not a downloading service.
  • Monthly and yearly charges are in USD.
  • Streaming Subscription Terms and Conditions please click here.