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Natural Solutions To Spiritual Problems - Vol. 2

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In the final installments of the powerful series ‘Natural Solutions to Spiritual Problems’, Pastor Brian Houston tackles the issues of resistance and regret when it comes to spiritual opportunity and possibility.

In his ‘Natural Resistance To Spiritual Possibilities’ message, Pastor Brian explores the life of Daniel, giving examples of how we can encounter problems that affect our spiritual lives. Daniel was distinguished by an excellent spirit that caused him to rise to the top every time, resulting in divine favour, supernatural deliverance and miraculous blessing – all of which are available to us!

As you journey through these enlightening messages, you’ll discover the importance of diligence when making choices about your mind, mouth, mates and money; taking a deeper look at what God’s Word reveals about how changing the way you think will change the way you live.

Join us as we look at issues of the heart that can either hold us back or propel us forward into a realm of great possibility and promise, both naturally and spiritually.

"If God is leading your heart, then He is leading your life."


  • Natural Symptoms To Spiritual Problems
  • Natural Resistance To Spiritual Possibilities - Part 1
  • Natural Resistance To Spiritual Possibilities - Part 2

Format: CD+DVD