Seasons BiG Curriculum

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Completing our first year of BiG curriculum comes 'Seasons'; a collection of 3 standalone teaching series: Christmas Musical, a 4 week learning experience for your children at Christmas time that will take them into the story of Jesus' birth, following the Wise Men as they followed the star: Discovery, a 5 week new Christians learning experience, that takes you through the basics of Christianity; and Summer Adventure, a 4 week fun and learning experience for your children during the summer holidays that will teach them about choosing to live a life that honours God.

This large group/small group children's ministry curriculum, designed specifically for primary aged children from 5 to 12 years was developed by the Children's Ministry Team at Hillsong Church. It has been used around the world at Hillsong Churches in Sydney, Brisbane, Capetown & London and thousands of Churches just like yours. With BIG you will find an incredibly flexible and customisable curriculum tested with children all over the world.


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