The Road Leads Home - DVD

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Film One: 2013 Everyday Women - captured what “everyday women” achieve when they decide to collaborate. Built around our longstanding partnership
with Watoto in Uganda, this remarkable and inspiring story winds its way through the generations, to its impact on the men and sons in our lives.

Film Two: 2014 Our Sister’s Keeper - captured the raw reality of human trafficking and our need as the Church and a Sisterhood to respond. It interweaves the story of an everyday girl who found herself at the forefront of this “global assault” against the value, worth and dignity of multitudes around the world. Our partnership with the A21 Campaign features in this film - and I know it will move people from beyond awareness into the realm of strategic response.

Film Three: 2015 The Road Leads Home - tracks “the pathway home” of three young women. It is intentionally different to the first two films and I believe it will resonate with many enquiring and searching hearts. Our mandate to step into the fray of humanitarian need remains front and centre of the Colour Sisterhood - yet we need to remember the greatest humanitarian need is “the human heart in search of truth”. My own daughters feature in this story and I know you will find it enlightening and endearing.

"We offer these three films in the hope that they will resource you and your world to make a difference. My prayer is that this labour of love and investment on our part, will bless those in your world and bear fruit eternal" - Bobbie Houston


Includes bonus HD digital version of each film for presentation in your church.